A few of my favorite compostable things

Category : Compost · No Comments · by May 25, 2011

I’m amazed at all of the things you can toss into a compost bin.  We put a glass jar on the counter to collect kitchen scraps.  At first, we had to remind each other “oh wait, that egg shell can go in the jar” or “here’s a tea bag, I think this can go in the jar.”  By the end of the week, it’s now like second nature.  And the pile is growing!  Fruit pieces, veggie ends and peels, coffee grounds…all diverted from the trash to the compost bin.

It’s heartening to know that things that we would otherwise have tossed out are now going to be turned into something we can use on our yard and garden.  I mean, we buy compost every spring.  We could’ve been making it all along.

This weekend, there is yard work galore to do so the yard “waste” will be joining the kitchen scraps in the bin.  We’re also starting to use G diaper inserts that are supposedly home compost compatible.  We’ve been using their diaper covers with a cloth insert off and on.  (Daycare insists on disposables.)  But I’m really excited to try out the inserts that can then be composted.  Maybe I can even convince daycare to just humor me and use them too.  I’ll report back on how well they work and whether it looks like they are breaking down in the composter or not.



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