Don’t love what can’t love you back

Category : Simplifying · No Comments · by June 16, 2011

A friend once told me not to love what can’t love me back. This weekend we are having a yard sale. As you know we’ve gone through our home room by room with the intent to reduce the clutter and we now have a living room filled to the brim with items for the sale. When I attempt to review it all from a rational place I find it ridiculous that we own so many things. Things that we never use; items that I’ve assigned a meaning because they remind me of a past moment and a small irrational part of me makes me anxious that if I removed these items from my home the memories would no longer exist and would slip from my mind never to be seen again. Which is bullocks, because in reality they are simply taking up valuable space in my home, cluttering our surroundings and making us anxious.

We aren’t our bank accounts, our jobs, our cars,  our income, our friends or the things that we store in the large wood and mortar boxes we live in. We are all much more than that and we honestly require so much less to be simply happy. Things are not the key to happiness. I’m learning it’s quite the opposite. In our modern day consumer driven economy we are all made to feel that if we don’t have the newest iBrick we’re doomed to inferiority, doomed to be boring and  doomed to be judged by a jury of our peers. It seems some people put their heads together and decided to create a world which is built to make people feel bad about themselves for not having certain things, certain things that can only be purchased from the same group of people who made up this world in the first place. The genius part about it is that it’s a zero sum game because something new and improved is continuously injected into the game and we can never truly have the ultimate  happiness that’s inferred. It’s solely continuous disappointment; or suffering as the Buddhists would call it. The key then to happiness is to not play their game, to not “buy” into it, and to run our own foot race.

We are about to exorcise our possessions and focus.  I can hardly wait.