It’s June and the living is easy

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This month is all about simplifying and making life easy.  I’ve always had simple living as a goal in the back of my mind but it came screeching to the forefront as soon as we decided to have a yard sale.  As I posted before, our chickens are reserved at the garden center and we’ll be getting them at the end of June (they’re very cute Buff Orpingtons by the way.) We need to build a coop for them to live in and  decided that a yard sale seemed like a good way to raise some coop building money.

We began by making a pile of yard sell-able stuff in the living room. We used the old ‘keep it if you use it or love it’ rule. Turns out, we have a lot of extra stuff that could go.  Boxes of things got stacked on top of boxes of things.  We then cleaned the baby’s room and more boxes added to the pile.  It quickly became clear after only cleaning out two rooms that we just have too much stuff.  We still have the tv room, the guest room, the shed, the storage unit.  That’s right, a storage unit!  Full of who knows what…

At the same time that we started gathering things to sell, this timely article came out on the zen habits site.  It talks about the Zen of decluttering and how to let go of the material objects that tie us down.  It’s an inspiring article and helped us to find even more things that we could put into the pile.

I also have a couple of books and articles in mind to read this month:

Are there books, articles or blog posts you’ve read that have inspired you or helped you to live more simply?




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