Anthropomorphizing a chicken

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It’s been a  little while since our last post, however we’ve been hard at work focusing on the Coops part of our journey. It’s a sad story… a few weeks ago we finally purchased two chickens, they were approximately 4 weeks old and I didn’t expect them to be so cute. We gathered everything our new friends needed; a heat lamp, feeder, water dish, thermometer, pine shavings and fancy temporary shelter until they were old enough to move into their brand new coup (which still needs to be built). The fancy shelter was a large Rubbermaid bin that I replaced the cover of with a chicken wire top that I fashioned out of 2×2′s and staples.

It was a perfect set up for them and it was really enjoyable listening to them chirp and holding them each day. We named them Mango and Bean. We became attached. They were a part of the family.

Two mornings ago I walked into change their water and I found Bean’s lifeless body. She had passed away in the night and I still can’t figure out what happened. We did everything according to the book and we still lost her. It was a very depressing few days and Mango seamed distraught. Maybe I am anthropomorphizing a chicken, but I swear she was crying these last few days.

We spoke with the company that sold us the chickens and they were very understanding about the whole situation and they said they’d have a  new batch of chicks in two weeks. I expressed how I didn’t think Mango would handle being alone for 2 weeks and they agreed. Chickens depend on each other for safety. If they are alone too long they tend to lose it. I read that in our chicken book.  So, today I returned her to the store and we are starting over with 3 new chicks on the 18th. I felt bad saying goodbye, but I think in the long run it’s the best thing to do. Besides there is a small part of me that still has Mango as one of the prime suspects in the unexplained death of Bean. I think I’m going to run a camera on the next batch.



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