Chickens coming home to roost

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After losing one of our chicks, it took us some time but we finally got up the nerve to try again.  This time I read everything I could about chick health and decided the key this time around was probiotics.  I love probiotics.  I take them, my kid takes them, husband, the dog…You get the idea.  Naturally, it only seemed right to give them to the chickens.  We bought a jar of Rooster Booster, which has electrolytes and probiotics, at the farm supply store, mixed it in a jug of water and gave it to them every time we refreshed their water supply  (pretty much daily.)  They’ve thrived.  I can’t say for sure it was the Rooster Booster but it’s really the only thing we did differently so it gets my recommendation.

The other surprise, besides the fact that these birds lived, is how fast they’ve grown.  We expected to have a couple of months before they would need a coop to move into.  Nope, these babies are getting big.  The last couple of weekends have been devoted to coop building.

We researched coop plans and bought the book Building Chicken Coops For Dummies.  Bjorn and I were both very intrigued by the this green roof garden coop .  The design is beautiful and I love the idea of adding some extra growing space, perhaps growing treats for the birds on top of their coop.  But we also knew we wanted to add a couple more birds at some point and after reviewing the plans, decided it probably wasn’t big enough for what we want to do.  We settled instead on the Garden Coop .  My husband and father-in-law studied the plans over a jug of wine and decided to make a few modifications.  I was nervous but it’s nearly done and looking great.  The garden coop plans ask you not to post photos of the coop while it’s being built but I promise to post them as soon as it’s done.





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